Count on Amplex to handle your end-to-end, direct-to-store and direct-to-customer demands with matchless efficiency.

At Amplex, staying focused on client satisfaction through capability, versatility and quality is our top priority. Our facilities currently house multiple kitting lines, each capable of handling thousands of items per shift. And with room to expand, we can easily increase production, allowing our clients to maximize efficiencies of scale.

Additionally, should you ever need to personalize products, Amplex provides a wide range of those services, as well. Custom options for specific colors, packaging materials, labeling, inserts or references to geographic regions or any other personalization is never a problem.

In today’s market, client needs can change instantly.
At Amplex, we’re able to implement incoming changes on a moment’s notice – keeping your products on track for uninterrupted delivery, saving you time and money.